Unique pigments of the new generation! The composition includes high-quality synthetic organic dyes used as in cosmetics so in pharmaceutical and food industries.

The binder (base) in these pigments has a fundamentally new formula, which allows the dye to be distributed evenly and uniformly in the skin. Pigments are very predictable; color loss after healing is minimal, not more than 30%.

Colors are stable, they do not change the shade in the skin, after 2.5 – 3 years disappear completely!
While working it’s Important to know that after removing the pigment with a slightly wet sponge or napkin it’s highly recommended to wipe the skin and reapply the pigment only on the dry skin.

At first, the color of the pigment in the skin may look bright, but after 10-15 min., it gets darker. To order to reduce color intensity the pigments can be diluted with purified water.


Pigments for lips
The palette of pigments for lips is represented by 9 basic colors that can be used both independently and mixed. The pigment ORANGE can be used as an additional color like a corrector for cold shades.

Depending on the color pigments have different consistency.  Light shades are matter and more opaque. Bright shades, on the contrary, are glossy and transparent. The skin properly accepts pigments after healing; they almost don’t change the shade.


MARMALADE – Warm, velvety like a ripe peach
FLAMINGO – Cool, powdery, ashy pink
SUNSET – Sunset or salmon color, clean and fresh
BARBIE PINK – Light pink, playful and bold
PUNSH – Saturated and sweet,
as a fragrant cocktail
INDIAN RED – Noble and calm, the color of Indian spices
FIRE – Bright, festive – a real fire!
MERLOT – Intense, impressive and expressive
SANGRIA – Juicy, fresh like wine and sweet fruits


Pigment for eyebrows
The palette of pigments for eyebrows consists of 7 most popular colors from light walnut to intense black-brown.

All eyebrow pigments are presented in neutral or cold color spectrum. They can be transformed to warmer colors by combining with optional color ORANGE.

HAZEL – The lightest tone for warm and cold blond
BLOND – Light tone for brown and light-brown
UMBER – Medium brown and ash-brown
BRUNETTE – Medium dark brown and black
CEDAR – Saturated, deep for dark brown hair
DARK CHOCOLATE – Very intensive for black and brown hair
BLACK BROWN – Very intensive for brunettes


Pigment for eyelids

CARBON – intense black for the eyelids


Pigments for correction

YELLOW – Corrector
ORANGE – Optional color – corrector
HIGHLIGHTER – for decorative effects


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