The professional team of practicing technologists, tattoo artists and chemists with more than 30 years of experience developed WizArt pigments especially for the European market.

Certified in the US high-quality powders are used in the production of cosmetic pigments and cosmetics.
The high results of any cosmetic procedure directly depend on the correctly chosen color palette.
WizArt palettes are specially selected among a huge number of pigments, considering the color and features of the European type of skin.

For now, there are two palettes STRONG and ORGANIC. Here are their characteristics:



Pigments are safe and hypoallergenic; they don’t contain harmful substances and dyes banned for use in Europe.
In accordance with European standards, they are additionally sterilized by gamma ray emitting.

Do not go into undesirable shades

A unique selection of dyes and original mixing do not create such a problem like changing the color of the pigment in the skin for a long time.

These pigments do not change into various undesirable shades.

Minimal color loss

Pigments WizArt ORGANIC
They are very predictable, the color loss after healing is minimal and not more than 30%. Colors are stable and do not change the shade in the skin. After 2.5 – 3 years they completely disappear!

Pigments WizArt STRONG
Color loss during healing is no more than 30%.
By different density of the application, it is possible to obtain both natural effects and fondant and saturated ones.
They are persistent and durable.

 Competitive packaging

Pigments are supplied in the packaging of the European Standard. Two volumes of packaging – 10ml and 5ml – distinguish favorably the pigments WizArt.


Pigments are for professional use only.  The consistency based on a glycerin-alcohol is quite liquid. There are distinctive features of pigments like high concentration of coloring material. As the result the color is homogeneous and saturated. The color loss after healing is insignificant. Due to the unique synthesis of inorganic mineral and synthetic organic substances, the pigments remain in the skin for two years or more.

Unique pigments of the new generation! Experienced masters and beginners intend pigments only for professional use. The composition consists of high-quality synthetic organic dyes used not only in cosmetics, but also in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The common basis in these pigments has a fundamentally new formula, which lets the dye to be distributed evenly and uniformly in the skin.


Pigments are very predictable. Color loss after healing is minimal, not more than 30%. Colors are stable, they do not change the shade in the skin, and after 2.5 – 3 years disappear completely!